Normalization Wizard

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Normalization Wizard

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I am writing a Script and I would like to know if it is possible to make the Normalization Wizard with this script. Is there any command for this Normalization?
Thank you in advance.
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Re: Normalization Wizard

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Hi Laia,

there is no command to start the Normalization Wizard directly (although this is a nice idea for a future version ;) ).

However, there is a script command to adjust the parameters for all selected neurons (void SetSelectedNeuronProp(SNeuronProp &in prop))

You can use this command directly if you want. Preferred way is to read the properties of a neuron (command bool GetSelectedNeuronProp(SNeuronProp &out prop)), modify the normalization limits which are members of the data structure and write the parameters back to the neuron using SetSelectedNeuronProp). See MemBrain Help file script reference for details on these commands.

This is the manual, most painful way (from a programming efforts perspective).

However, a simpler way is to use the NetEditor script class I programmed which is part of the script examples available on the download page. Include this script in your script (#include "") , create an object of the NetEditor and use its method NormalizeNetWithActiveLesson(). The example script in the scripting example download does this during its main() function, you can copy the code from there. The NetEditor class performs normalization of all inputs and outputs based on the active lesson loaded in the Lesson Editor. This lesson should contain the min and the max value for every data column or - may be the simplest way - all data you have.

Thomas Jetter
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