No 'Uninstall' entry in Windows? Portable package

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No 'Uninstall' entry in Windows? Portable package

Post by pstein »

After having installed the current version v6.00.04.00 and playing a while with the software I wanted to uninstall it.

Much to my surprise I found no Uninstall entry for memBrain in Windows Control Panel section.

Finally I had to go to the installation directory and double click onto uninstall.exe to uninstall it.

I think this is a bug and confuses users.

Check to set an uninstall entry properly.


Please provide a portable *.zip package of MemBrain.
I want to run it on various computers from an external USB hard disk and need no full installation package.

Thank you
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Re: No 'Uninstall' entry in Windows? Portable package

Post by TJetter »

Thanks, Peter for the valuable feedback!

I just uploaded a new installer to the homepage which adds the mentioned uninstall entry tothe Windows registry.

With respect to the portable zip package:
Although I see that this might be of interest for some users I would rather invest development time on other new features. Anyway, thanks for the hint!

Kind regards,
Thomas Jetter
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