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New Script Editor and Debugger

Posted: Mon 17. Sep 2012, 22:09
by TJetter
Since version MemBrain comes with a fully featured graphical source code debugger for MemBrain scripts. The debugger is a stand alone application which is automatically installed and added to the MemBrain program folder during installation. The debugger can be started either through MemBrain itself (menu or toolbar command) as well as via the Windows start menu.

The debugger actually is a comprehensive MemBrain scripting development environment and includes:

- Syntax highlighting
- Fully featured text editor, including block indentation, copy/paste, search function, bookmarks...
- Compile, build run and pause script remotely from within debugger
- Build output window: See compiler messages directly in the debugger window, jump to code location via mouse click
- Debug output window
- Variable watch window
- Graphical breakpoints
- Step Into, Step Over, Step Out
- Attach debugger to running script
- Run debugger on the same machine as MemBrain or on an other machine within the LAN
- Start debugger from within MemBrain
- Start MemBrain from within debugger

The MemBrain context sensitive help (F1) includes a section <Scripting><Debugging Scripts> that provides instructions for use with respect to the MemBrain Script Debugger.