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ACtivation function

Posted: Thu 31. May 2012, 13:24
by klubow
Can you tell me how activation function called IDENT01 is calculated ?
What influence have
-activation threshold
-activation sustain factor

Maybe someone can give me mathematical formula how its calculated ?

Re: ACtivation function

Posted: Sat 2. Jun 2012, 10:32
by Admin

probably easiest is some pseudo-code here:

Code: Select all

activation = activation * sustainFactor;
// The following code is only used if the neuron is NOT an input neuron. For input neurons the calculation is finished here.
sum = SumUpInputs();
sum = sum - activationThreshold;
activation = activation + sum;
if (activation > 1)
    activation = 1;
else if (activation < 0)
    activation = 0;
Does that help?


Re: ACtivation function

Posted: Sat 2. Jun 2012, 11:39
by Admin
Hi again,

you can also find additional information in the MemBrain Help file:

Press F1 in MemBrain and browse to the chapter 'Neurons in MemBrain' - 'Neuron Model And Operation'.

This help chapter describes the calculations of neuron activation and output in more detail.


Re: ACtivation function

Posted: Tue 12. Jun 2012, 12:44
by klubow
that should be enought for now,
I have my net learnt, now I want to implement that net into my script (Excel and Amibroker)

thank you