Script: How to Get Lesson Error

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Script: How to Get Lesson Error

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GetLessonReps() allows one to get the counter value for the lesson reps performed by the teacher.

I need to control training based on error and am hoping that the Error counterpart of the above command is available.



I was just organizing my prints of the various Help sections and found to my surprise, GetNetError in the Script Chapter MemBrain Application.

I would suggest that this command is placed in the Teaching Chapter since when one is Teaching one may wish to monitor Counts and Error. In fact, both parameters are display on the bottom status bar on the graphical network editor view during training.

Thanks anyhow,

PS. Somehow the Help Script area needs to be improved because it is difficult to find a Script Command when you don't already know the name for it. For one thing, an alphabetical sorted list would put all the GET... Commands in one place which would solve a lot of searching problems. Once the nature of the Script Commands is realized, operations like Get..., Select..., Set..., can be checked first for a command.
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Re: Script: How to Get Lesson Error

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Truely, must admit that an alphabetic listing of all commands would probably do good here.

Please take my apologies for the inconvenience.
Thomas Jetter
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