Help > Search Location Column Needs Specifics

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Help > Search Location Column Needs Specifics

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Currently, it is difficult to HELP>SEARCH the Script Commands because the HELP>SEARCH LOCATION column always says "MemBrain Help" for any Topics that are found.

While the HELP>SEARCH TITLE column brings back the lowest level Heading from the HELP>CONTENTS outline, it is not clear what HELP>CONTENTS Chapter it came from.

If the constant "MemBrain Help" LOCATION column was changed to the HELP>CONTENTS Chapters:
  • Welcome to Membrain
  • Remarks to the Help File
  • Getting Started
  • Changes to Previous Versions
  • Neurons in Membrain
  • Links in Membrain
  • General Operations
  • Neural Networks
  • Managing I/O Data
  • Teaching a Net
  • Validating Your Net
  • Employ Trained Nets
  • Scripting
  • Source Code Generation
  • TCP Weblink
  • Launch Executable by a Neuron
  • Feedback and Contact
you would know from what Chapter the Topic came from and would eliminate the need to open all the Listed Topics to find only the ones you are interested in.

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Re: Help > Search Location Column Needs Specifics

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Thanks for this, sounds like a good suggestion.
I'll look into this for a future release.

Thomas Jetter
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