THANK YOU! for Shotgun. Fixed delta option?

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THANK YOU! for Shotgun. Fixed delta option?

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The % change results in a "shotgun blast diameter" that varies in each weight dimension by the size of the weight.

If 2 weights, would get an ellipse in xy plane or elipsoid in xyz plane.

If we want a spheroid in xyz plane, need a constant fixed delta applied to weights.

Should be simple to implement since you have already done the hard work (!)

NOTE: the above shapes, such as spheroid refer to the space over which the random number is drawn with uniform distribution of the interval in that particular nth axis.

A Gaussian distribution would also be useful. Here the User would define the interval based on a SD - maybe ask USer to input SD and Interval.

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Re: THANK YOU! for Shotgun. Fixed delta option?

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thanks for the suggestions and feedback. Improved shotgun is on the list for the next release.

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Re: THANK YOU! for Shotgun. Fixed delta option?

Post by TJetter »

Improved Shotgun (with both homogeneous and gaussian distribution) is implemented in Version MemBrain that went online these days.
The specification for both characteristics can be set in either absolute or percentage values.

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