Script Killing and Pausing: No Hot Keys like F5, F7?

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Script Killing and Pausing: No Hot Keys like F5, F7?

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F5 and F7 are very helpful.

I've been working on my scripts and have found it difficult to Kill or Pause a script. I've basically had to kill the Membrain task to stop a script.

Are there any easy ways to Kill and pause? Perhaps PSPad allows one to do this?


PS. Thanks for the PSPad setup .pdf - I looked at PSPad before you sent me that setup info and it was quite impressive and hence, difficult to figure out. I've used the IDE for Delphi 7 and it reminded me of that. Of course, where I am working, I had a Delphi expert to help me. So without the setup info, I passed on PSPad. I plan to upgrade my effort to PSP but I would like to get this one script going before I take some time to do that.
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Re: Script Killing and Pausing: No Hot Keys like F5, F7?

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MrCreosote wrote:Are there any easy ways to Kill and pause?
In MemBrain itself via the scripting tool bar icons (See attached screen shot): There are 'Play', 'Stop' and 'Pause' icons which operate quite intuitively, I think. Or use the corresponding MemBrain menu items 'Scripting' - 'Execute Last Script' (which is also F5 by the way), 'Suspend Script Execution' and 'Abort Script Execution'.

Why exactly do you have to kill the MemBrain task instead of just using the mentioned options? Does MemBrain not correctly react in response to the options above? In this case please provide details and the script file so that I can investigate into this.

Note that if you call MemBrain from PSPad then PSPad does this with a 'Busy Waiting' operation. I.e. PSPad won't react anymore until MemBrain is exited again. If you just want to compile but not execute your scripts then you can call MemBrain from PSPad with the option '/C' (see scripting documentation).

By the way: You can instruct MemBrain to exit from within the script by the script function 'ExitMemBrain()'. Then you don't have to close MemBrain manually after each PSPad triggered script run.

The next MemBrain version will additionally support a script function 'OnAbortScript()' that users can implement in their scripts. This function will automatically be called by MemBrain whenever a running script is aborted by either the user (Stop button in MemBrain) or through the AbortScript() command. This will then allow to also exit MemBrain upon script abortion for example or to ensure that the teacher is stopped whenever a script is aborted etc.

Screen Shot of Scripting Toolbar Icons.
Screen Shot of Scripting Toolbar Icons.
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